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What is domestic cleaning? Everything you need to know

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Picture this: the scent of freshly cleaned rooms, floors gleaming, the kitchen spotless, and the living room a vision of perfect order. This is the ideal scenario in the realm of domestic cleaning. Broadly defined, domestic cleaning encompasses all the chores and tasks undertaken to maintain a clean, tidy, and healthy living environment. It is an essential, yet often underrated aspect of our daily routines, whose significance extends beyond mere aesthetics.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Domestic cleaning as a service. We’ll outline the different types of domestic cleaning, and provide you with helpful information as to what to expect, the average cost and all factors affecting the price of a domestic cleaner.

What is domestic cleaning?

Domestic cleaning involves the meticulous upkeep of a private residential home, covering both routine cleaning tasks and one-off comprehensive cleans. It’s all about ensuring your living space remains fresh, organised, and hygienic, regardless of the cleaning needs at hand. It involves tasks such as swiping, mopping, wiping, dusting, polishing and decluttering.

What are the types of domestic cleaning?

Domestic cleaning can be categorised into various types based on the range and intensity of tasks involved. Here are some of the main types:

Regular cleaning

This is the most common type of domestic cleaning. It consists of day-to-day chores that maintain a basic level of cleanliness around the house. Tasks may include sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning bathrooms (toilets, showers, sinks, mirrors), dusting surfaces, doing laundry, washing dishes, and tidying up rooms. This type of cleaning is typically done daily or weekly. Learn more about Regular cleaning here.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is a more intensive cleaning process that typically happens on a less frequent basis, such as every 3-6 months or annually. It involves cleaning those areas of the house that aren’t usually covered in regular cleaning. This may include deep-cleaning carpets, scrubbing grout, washing walls and baseboards, cleaning inside ovens and refrigerators, and washing windows. Learn more about Deep cleaning here.

End of tenancy cleaning

This is a specialised type of cleaning performed when vacating a property or moving into a new one. It ensures the home is spotlessly clean and sanitised for the next occupant. It includes deep cleaning tasks and can involve specialised services like professional carpet cleaning and wall washing. Learn more about End of tenancy cleaning here.

Eco-friendly – Green cleaning

This form of cleaning focuses on using environmentally-friendly cleaning products and methods to minimise environmental impact. Eco-friendly cleaning avoids harsh chemicals and employs natural, biodegradable cleaning products.

After-builders cleaning

After any renovation work, a home usually needs a comprehensive cleaning to get rid of dust, debris, and hazardous materials. This type of cleaning ensures that the renovated space is clean, safe, and ready to use. Learn more about After-builders cleaning here.

Steam cleaning

This cleaning method utilises steam to clean and sanitise various areas of the home, especially useful for upholstery, carpets, and tiles. It can effectively kill germs, bed bugs, and dust mites, making it a good option for people with allergies.

Would you like to book a cleaner?

Our cleaners are available in all areas of London. Why not request a free no-obligation quote and get a personalised price within minutes?

How much does domestic cleaning cost?

The price of domestic cleaning service varies generally between £15.00 and £30.00 per hour based on several factors, including the specific services you require, the type of cleaning, the size of the area to be cleaned, the existing condition of the space, and even the location of your city.

Just like with any service, living in a larger city, such as London, can result in higher service costs. This is because operating expenses, including labour and overhead, tend to be higher in metropolitan areas, and these costs are reflected in the pricing of domestic cleaning services.

All factors affecting the cost of domestic cleaning

  • Property size: The size of your property plays a significant role in determining the price of the cleaning service. Larger properties require more time and resources to ensure a thorough cleaning, which in turn leads to a higher price.
  • The type of cleaning: You can expect to pay less for regular cleaning and more for one-off comprehensive cleans. For example, After-builders cleaning requires particular techniques and skills to complete properly, whereas regular cleaning can be performed by any individual and does not require years of experience to complete at a high standard. Therefore, after-builders prices per hour start from £20.00 and the price for regular cleaning from £15.00.
  • Property condition: Property condition is an important factor to consider when calculating the cost of domestic cleaning. If the property is in a poor state with significant stains, grime, and dirt, it may need additional time and effort to bring it up to the required standards.
  • The property type: The type of property can also influence the cost of domestic cleaning. For instance, cleaning a one-bedroom flat would typically be less expensive than cleaning a multi-bedroom house with multiple bathrooms, stairs, and larger living areas. The complexity and size of the property contribute to variations in the overall cleaning cost.
  • Cleaning supplies and equipment: The cost of cleaning equipment and supplies is another factor that can affect the final cost of domestic cleaning. Certain properties may necessitate the use of specialised cleaning products or equipment, which can be more costly. The specific cleaning requirements of a property can influence the expenses associated with acquiring the necessary supplies for the job.
  • Additional services: Including additional services like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and external window cleaning to your domestic cleaning will inevitably raise the total cost. These services require specific skills and the use of professional cleaning equipment to ensure a thorough and satisfactory outcome.
  • Location of the property: The location of the property can also have an impact on the final cost. Properties situated in affluent areas may incur higher cleaning expenses due to elevated overhead costs associated with operating in such locations. Similarly, properties in remote or hard-to-reach areas might require additional travel expenses, which can contribute to a higher overall cost.
  • The time of the year: During peak moving seasons, there is typically a higher demand for cleaning services, which can result in increased costs. Conversely, during slower seasons, it may be possible to negotiate a lower price for domestic cleaning services. Understanding the fluctuations in demand throughout the year can help you make informed decisions and potentially secure more favourable pricing for your cleaning needs.

How much do independent domestic cleaners charge?

Independent domestic cleaners tend to charge less than cleaning agencies and companies. The reason for this is the low to no overhead cost and domestic cleaning in general is a very convenient way to have a side job with little to no upfront cost. The prices could start from £12.00 and up to £20.00 depending on the cleaner’s experience and all other factors mentioned above.

Domestic cleaning service: What to expect

The process that we at 1Clean follow to make the whole experience as seamless as possible is the following:

  1. Request a quote – The client requests a quote and an office team member reads the quote, examines the type of cleaning required and attempts to contact the client back at the specified time or within 30 – 60 minutes, either by email or phone call.
  2. Our call – Our team member contacts the client and asks relevant questions about the service and listens carefully to all requirements, provides recommendations and creates a tailored quote, then finalises the booking.
  3. The cleaning day – Our cleaners will attend and ask the client about all areas of priority to ensure that all have been taken care of and continue cleaning the rest of the property if time allows.

What to expect?

The cleaning typically starts from the top to the bottom, starting with the cleaning of cobwebs, spiders and dust, and gradually going down, wiping high-level shelves, above appliances, cabinets, light switches, doors and door handles, countertops, in/out appliances and then the floors.

How to find domestic cleaners near you?

Finding a domestic cleaner in the UK is relatively easy, however, finding a conscious and reliable cleaner that you can trust is hard. Choosing a reputable cleaner is crucial to avoid scams and other disappointments. To ensure a high-quality service, look for cleaning agencies and companies with good reviews and check their credentials. There are easy ways to find a domestic cleaner through Nextdoor, Facebook, or simply by typing “domestic cleaner” on Google.

At 1Clean, we understand the importance of security and peace of mind and we prioritise the safety of our clients by conducting rigorous interviews and background checks on every candidate before assigning them any house cleaning tasks. If you need help finding a domestic cleaner that you can 100% trust, you can contact us here.


Domestic cleaning is a vital service that encompasses both routine cleaning tasks and more comprehensive cleaning. It aims to maintain a clean, tidy, and healthy living environment, going beyond mere aesthetics. There are various types of domestic cleaning, including Regular cleaning, Deep cleaning, End of tenancy cleaning, Eco-friendly cleaning, After-builders cleaning, and steam cleaning. Each type serves different purposes and requires specific skills and techniques. When determining the cost of domestic cleaning, several factors come into play and if you need a reliable cleaner that you can trust, we are here to help.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: What is the difference between domestic clean and deep clean?
Answer 1: Regular cleaning focuses on routine cleaning tasks to maintain a clean and tidy living space. It includes regular chores like dusting, vacuuming, and bathroom and kitchen cleaning.

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is a more thorough and intensive cleaning process. It targets hard-to-reach areas and removes deep-seated dirt, grime, and stains. It often includes tasks like cleaning carpets, scrubbing grout, washing walls, and deep-cleaning appliances.

Question 2: What is included in a standard house cleaning?
Answer 2: A standard house cleaning typically includes a range of essential cleaning tasks to maintain a clean and tidy living environment. Here are some common inclusions:

  1. Dusting: Removing dust from surfaces, furniture, and fixtures.
  2. Vacuuming: Cleaning carpets, rugs, and floors to remove dirt and debris.
  3. Sweeping and mopping: Cleaning hard floors to remove dust and stains.
  4. Bathroom cleaning: Cleaning toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs.
  5. Kitchen cleaning: Wiping countertops, cleaning appliances, and sanitising sinks.
  6. Surface cleaning: Wiping down surfaces, such as tables, shelves, and countertops.
  7. Rubbish removal: Emptying rubbish bins and replacing liners.
  8. Mirror and glass cleaning: Cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces.
  9. Changing bed linens: Making beds and changing sheets (if requested).
  10. General decluttering: Organising and tidying up living spaces.

It’s important to note that the specific tasks included in a standard house cleaning may vary depending on the cleaning service or individual cleaner you hire. You can see our complete cleaning checklist here.

Question 3: What can a cleaner do in 2 hours?
Answer 3: A skilled domestic cleaner can easily clean 1 Bedroom flat if it’s in a reasonable state of cleanliness. This would typically involve high-level dusting, wiping all accessible surfaces, countertops, kitchen cabinets, and kitchen appliances, clean the bathroom including the toilet bowl, sink, mirror and shower. Your cleaner will also vacuum and mop all floors. Any additional service like laundry, ironing, window cleaning and oven cleaning would require longer than 2 hours to complete.

Question 4: Can I use bleach to clean my rendered walls?
Answer 4: It is generally not recommended to use bleach on rendered walls. While bleach can effectively kill algae and mould, it can also damage the render and cause discolouration. Additionally, the runoff from bleach can harm surrounding plants and grass. It’s best to use mild detergents or specialized render cleaners that are safe for the render and the environment.

Question 5: How much does a domestic cleaner cost UK?
Answer 5: Domestic cleaners in the UK typically charge by the hour and depending on whether you book an independent cleaner or a trusted cleaning agency, the average prices start from £12.00 to £20.00 per hour for regular visits and from £13.00 to £30.00 for one-off comprehensive cleaning.

Question 6: How long does cleaning usually take?
Answer 6: As a general rule of thumb, we recommend 2 hours for regular cleaning in a typical 1-Bedroom flat. If the flat is not regularly cleaned, this time usually would increase to 3 or 4 hours.

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